The three windows in front on the east side of the altar (to the right as you face the altar) were given in memory of Susan Elizabeth VanOver. Collectively, they portray the “Ascension of Christ”. The larger, center panel shows Christ rising up to heaven with His arms raised, while he is blessing the Disciples. The area below the horizon line shows the eleven Disciples watching. Angelic figures are seen above the head of Christ and those of the Disciples. The cross and crown at the top is an indication that Christ is the King of Kings.
So far as we know, the window is not adapted from any one painting. The beauty of the faces of the figures, however, and the contrast of rich colors as well as their blending, have made it an inspiration to those who have concentrated their thoughts upon it. It does seem likely that the stained glass artist, C. Hadley Smith, of Chicago, Illinois may have used as the model of Christ the painting by Gottlieb Peter Biermann. Christ stands for a moment suspended in the clouds; his downcast eyes and out-stretched hands seem to give a benediction upon his infant church. Also, the little group of disciples that witnessed, with yearning eyes, His home-going (to heaven) from the hills near Bethany.
“…as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight”
Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again! Act 1:9
These two triple panel windows, “God Is Love” and “The Ascension” and the panel that depicts Jesus Christ, the Teacher were installed about 1871. They are quite valuable because of their age and the superior quality of the workmanship.


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