PREACHERS and FOUNDERS of a New Church in A New Land

Continuing our journey of the window pairings on the west side of the sanctuary, we behold the likeness of two of His Saints, John Wesley on the left and Francis Asbury to the right.
John Wesley was the founder of the United Methodist movement in Great Britain. He wears a long academic pulpit robe and holds a large book, indicating he was an educator as well as a preacher. At the top of the panel is the image of an eye, representing God, who knows and sees all. Below the figure of Wesley can be seen a book with a quill pen and ink which also point to Wesley as a writer. The fact that the figures Asbury and Wesley are next to each other is meant to show their significance as the central figures in the founding of Methodism.
This window in memory of Rev. Richard J. Smith and wife, Harriet. Reverend Mr. Smith served in churches in the northern New York area. He and his family retired to the Owego area where he commerced a dairy farm buisness. Son, Scott A. Smith, founded the furnace and heating oil company now known as R. Scott Smith and Son, Inc. The painting of a Methodist circut rider upon his horse that was hung in Fellowship Hall for many years was painted by his daughter-in-law, Verna Smith (Dean Smith’s and Mary-Jane Scanlon’s mother) and wife of Scott.
We have Mrs. Scanlon to thank for much of this information. She has been most gracious to share all this family history. Thanks, Dean, for connecting us.
The right panel depicts Rev. Francis Asbury (Circuit Rider & first bishop) and is given in memory of Rev. and Mrs. Harry Savacool, (pastor in Owego for 27 years). Reverend Asbury’s clothing is plain with breeches, a vestcoat and a cape, all clothing befitting a circut rider. He holds a Bible in his hands. Above his head is an emblem with a likeness of the world in its center and the words “Go Preach The Gospel”, around the outside. Near the bottom of the window is a pair of hands in the attitude of prayer. This window was dedicated June 18, 1978.
Many members of this congregation today remember Rev. Mr. Savacool and his wife. Their grandson, Stephen, lives in the Nichols area. Various comments indicate a man with many talents and a driven energy. In large part, Reverend Mr. Savacool’s commentary about our sanctuary windows serves as the source of this writing.

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