PEACE Window

These two windows remind us of the Lord’s word that the “peace” Jesus brings to us is not the “peace” that the world cries for, but a “peace” of one’s spirit, the “peace” that comes with the faith, hope and love that only Jesus can bring to believers. The window to the left is given in memory of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Leach. It is a likeness of Christ with a dove and an olive branch above his head. Near the bottom of the window can be seen a sword, an olive and a trowel. This symbol may be a reference to that future time when “they shall beat their swords into ployshares”. Christ raises his right hand and lowers his left. “My peace I give to you.”
The adjoining right hand panel is given in remembrance of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mawhiney. This also depicts Christ, but with different clothing. There is a lighted lamp, signifying that Christ is the “Light of the World”. Christ holds a lamb in his arms and another lamb stands beneath his feet. This panel tells us that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God. The Son of God was sacrificed for the “sins of the world”.


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