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This window was installed in November 2000. Its’ dedication is expected to be in the spring of 2001 – when weather and road conditions are expected to accomodate safe travel by auto for our church members far and wide.
The window is dedicated to the Sunday School teachers of this church since its beginning; thus the biblical citation of Mark 10:14-15, “Let the little children come to me. Then He laid His hands on them and He gave them His blessing.”
The left hand panel features a mother with her child following Jesus and is sponsored by several members of this congregation who have been Sunday School teachers and/or S.S. Superintendants. The right hand panel is sponsored by Wayne Barton in honor of his father and mother, John and Katherine Barton. This panel depicts the Lord Jesus receiving the child and the laying on of His hands in giving a blessing.
The genesis of this window that completes the sanctuary stainedglass window display grows from a series of conversations between John Barton and the church finance chairman in 1999 about the status of indebtedness of the Church for its new building project. These discussions always included information about the sanctuary windows because the finance chair was also writing a history chapter with pictures about the sanctuary windows. Mr. John Barton was a source of much information about them. The discussions always included ideas about the subject of the final window available for replacement with a “story window”.
After the passing of John Barton, his son, Wayne Barton, contacted the Church to advise us his father had wanted to buy a panel for that final window and challenge the Church members to match that gift for the second matching panel. The challenge was accepted with this result.
The contract for this window was let, after interviews, to Scott Brennan Studio, Inc. of Syracuse, N.Y. at a total price of $28,300 in February 2000. Some of the donors made a trip to Mr. Brennan’s studio in May 2000 to see how a sanctuary window comes into being. The committee was very impressed that church windows was Mr. Brennan’s ministry.
The special ad hoc committee under the guidance of Bob Verguson that put this whole sanctuary window project together expresses its appreciation to all the church family that gave so generously of their time, talents and treasures to further glorify God by the new beauty of this sanctuary. The donors names are inscribed in the lower glass section.

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  1. sam and dama

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus. First of all I thank God for the wonderful work you are doing to give Him glory. The world has become like dry bones as Ezekiel 37:4-5 says. But God will give the nation new life. Please pray for our ministry as we try to reach people of all categories and win many souls for Christ. Your website was a big blessing to us and the ministry here.

    Pray also for our orphanage here in Kenya and request that God will touch you to partner with our ministry either Spiritually and guiding us more in doing much for the soon coming Kingdom. We will write more about us as soon as we here from you about this request. May His will be done and Nice to hearing from you.


    Pastor Samuel and sis Mogoi Otunga

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