The next pair of windows on the west side speak of the richness of our Lord as The Teacher. The left panel presents Jesus as “The Light of the World”. The clothing is quite plain. The lamp in his left hand is the symbol for the “Light”. There is a gold colored crown on his head and a gold ornament holding his cape together. The emblem at the top of the panel is the first letter of the Greek alphabet – Alpha – and the one underneath the figure of Christ, resembling a horseshoe, is the last letter of the Greek alphabet – Omega. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” Rev 1:8
This window is dedicated in memory of the Matthew H. Robinson family.
One of Mr. Robinson’s family, son – Howard W., became a Congressman representing this district (as a Republican) in the United States House of Representatives for several terms. Howard’s wife, Mrs. Trudy Robinson and his sister, Mrs. Elinor Washburn are still alive and stimulating people. They do not live in this area any longer.
The panel at the right side is given in memory of Charles and Amanda Horton. Again, we are reminded of Jesus Christ as our Teacher. He is presented holding a book, His WORD, closely folded in the right arm and held against his body. Christ appears to be going forth to teach. His clothing is rather ornate and priestly with wide piping and a long sash. Over his head, imposed on a cross is the symbol IHS, three letters in the Greek alphabet that are the first letters of the name, Jesus. The symbol, P/X, imposed on a cross in the lower portion of the window, are the first letters of the Greek word that spells “Christ”.
We do not have any information about the Hortons.


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