The Lord Jesus had a special sensitivity to children. It is well that our sanctuary is blessed with a reminder of this important ministry of Jesus. The left panel, in memory of Verna Smith, depicts the healing blessing of Jesus to a young boy kneeling at His feet. The boy is noted as having a crutch at hand. An emblem at the bottom of the window is similar to the Caduceus medical symbol with serpents twisted around the staff. This caduceus is related to the book of Numbers, Chapter 21; verse 9 and to John 3:14. It is indicative of the brass serpent held up by Moses when he told the Hebrews that they would not be harmed by serpents while in the wilderness.
Adjacent to this window is one that memorializes Minnie Parsons Smith, and shows Christ n the act of blessing a young boy kneeling at his feet. There is a star at the top of the window and a crown (for Christ the King) with an olive branch near the bottom. Also, a globe with a cross on it, appears at the bottom of the casement. This “orb” is a symbol of Christ’s words “I have overcome the world” in the book of John 16:33.



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